Welcome to MckFacts!

Welcome to the MckFacts Blog! 

We’re glad you’re here!  Get comfy, dig around through the archives and different pages (we’re adding more and updating everything slowly), and find out who the real Jennifer McKinney/MckMama is.

This blog was started when the comments were turned off over at MWOP/MckMama Truths.  We wanted a place to continue to discuss the inconsistencies of Jennifer, and decided to open this blog up to everyone and make this that new community.  Most of the documents and information/history on Jennifer is still over at the MWOP blog, so if you are linked back over there for something, that’s why.  We are trying to streamline everything as much as possible, but we all have lives outside of trying to keep up with the McKinney’s, so there may be times when MWOP has a post or information updated prior to us which is fine; you’re still able to continue the discussion/commenting over here.

If you’re new here… you’ll probably want to start with the MckHistory page which includes a run down of the shenanigans of MckMama throughout the years.  If you are new here…welcome!!! We’re happy to have you! Introduce yourself and dig into the conversation. Tell us what brought you here, how did you find us? What made your light bulb go off and think, “Hmm, something just doesn’t seem right here?”  We all came here at different times and during different chapters of the McKinney’s life, so share with us what brought you here and when you started to get skeptical. You can also start reading by searching through the Archives or by Category. We’ll be updating the sidebar with information as we go and as time permits.

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Thank you, and we hope you all enjoy your time here!
~MckFacts and all MckFacts Moderators